The most frequent questions on UNATU and their answers

No, UNATU currently represents teachers actively teaching in the education sub-sectors of: Primary, Secondary, Primary Teachers Colleges, National Teachers Colleges & Business, Technical, Vocational Education &Training institutions.

The subscription collection is used to run union activities at different levels currently distributed as follows:


UNATU as an institution does NOT offer loans or other credit facilities to members. Instead, UNATU has ensured that members/ teachers access affordable financial services through UNATU SACCO and WALIMU SACCOs Union. It is important to note that the said institutions are independent and therefore NOT managed by UNATU. These institutions were started by UNATU, to support members economically but the union has an oversight role in their operations

Teacher registration is the mandate of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) currently. UNATU offers guidance and support to members on the procedures of registration.

Currently, UNATU does not have a policy in place to support sick teachers due to limitations in resources vis-à-vis the overwhelming requests for support. Teachers who are in dire medical conditions are usually supported to apply for early retirement on medical grounds, supported to conduct fundraising drives and connected to other stakeholders for any possible support. On a good note, the Union is engaging different service providers to negotiate for a health insurancescheme for members at affordable rates.

One of UNATU’s core values is equity. UNATU is not against any salary increments for teachers but disagrees with selective salary increments especially those meant to create disharmony among teachers with the same academic qualifications and experience but teaching in different fields. Such increments are unfair because all teachers across the Education sector deserve an increment and equally work under the same hard conditions and if a category of teachers is selected for enhancement, all teachers within the same pay grade, with the same qualifications and experiences must benefit to avoid conflict.

UNATU membership is currently open to all trained, qualified and registered teachers regardless of race or the level ofteaching.

  •   Joining the Union is Voluntary.

  •   Identify yourself as a teacher at the Branch or Regional office nearest to you

  •   Fill in a Membership commitment form

  •   The teacher’s full name shall then be entered in the Union Membership Register

  •   Pay membership and subscription dues which amounts to 1% of one’s monthly salary.

-Teachers on Government payroll are checked off through the payroll on a monthly basis. A member can check their pay slip for the UNATU deduction Code 257 to confirm that their subscription dues have been deducted.

-Teachers working in private institutions and retired teachers are required to follow the following procedure in the payment of subscriptions.

  1. Subscription fees should be banked on the following UNATU Account;

    • Bank: Stanbic Bank


    • Account number: 9030005855399

    • Branch: Metro Branch

  2. After payment, a copy of the pay-in slip should be taken to the nearest UNATU Office

  3. Payments can be made on;

  •   Monthly basis

  •   Quarterly basis (Every 3 months)

  •   Bi-annual basis (Every 6 months)

  •   Annual basis (Once a year)


• Membership Subscription: One is considered a member if their subscription is up-to-date (UNATU Code 257 MUST appear on one’s pay slip). A member off code should fill a Membership Update form and pay arrears to the above mentioned UNATU Bank Account calculated from the date of the deletion of the code in order to access Union services.


For more information, contact:

The General Secretary, UNATU
Tel: 0414-346917/0782368782
Address: Teachers’ House, Plot 28/30 Bombo Road

The 16th Annual Delegates’ Conference that sat from 9th to 14th December 2020 resolved that moving forward, ordinary UNATU membership shall be open to all trained, qualified and registered teachers. This means that teachers working in private institutions are eligible to join UNATU.

The 1% that members contribute monthly to UNATU is NOT a saving with the Union. The Union uses the 1% to offer the services to members as indicated on pages 5-6.

No. UNATU is an independent Teacher Labour Union that represents teachers working in both Government and non- government institutions.

UNATU does not have a direct mandate in the management of the Teachers’ payroll. UNATU’s role is to monitor and ensure that the payroll is not mismanaged and all payroll issues are addressed with utmost urgency and teachers are paid what they are entitled to.

UNATU in most cases engages with UNATU SACCO to work expeditiously to support the teacher in distress as long as one meets the terms and conditions. You must be saving with the SACCO.

UNATU’s Headquarters are housed in own premises at Teachers House; Plot 28/30, Bombo Road. The Union also has 10 regional offices across the country (Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Soroti, Arua, Gulu, Fort Portal, Mbarara, Masaka, and Moroto). We also have 2 sub-regional offices in Lira and Masindi.

All registered and paid up members without UNATU IDs should submit their passport photos alongside the subscription pay-in slip for processing

Registered and paid up members are entitled to corporate wear and should therefore submit their shirt/blouse sizes when submitting their membership and subscription forms. On receiving corporate wear, one must sign for it.