Revolutionizing Education in Karamoja: Bridging the Gap through ICT Training for Teachers

A transformative ICT training session was recently conducted for teachers in Moroto and Nakapiripirit districts as part of the Work No Child’s Business (WNCB) project. The training, held from May 12th to 13th in Moroto and from May 14th to 15th in Nakapiripirit, aimed to empower teachers with essential ICT skills to meet the demands of modern education.

The sessions delved into various fundamental ICT topics, providing an introduction to computers, MS Office applications, and utilizing the internet as a powerful tool for information and communication. Additionally, the training covered online communication through email, navigating virtual meetings and webinars, and harnessing the potential of smartphones as mobile computers.

The program’s objective was to equip UNATU members in the Karamoja region with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate their professional and personal lives. The training sought to enhance proficiency in utilizing basic software applications, improve communication skills, particularly in email correspondence and online messaging, and elevate online collaboration and teamwork skills, especially in virtual meeting environments.

The training session in Moroto was inaugurated by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and concluded by the District Education Officer (DEO), while the session in Nakapiripirit was initiated by the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and wrapped up by the DEO of Nakapiripirit.

The DEOs expressed their appreciation to UNATU and WNCB for spearheading the initiative to equip teachers with ICT skills, emphasizing the necessity for educators to possess digital competence in the 21st-century education landscape.

A special certificate awarding ceremony was organized to honor the dedication and hard work of all the participants.

The UNATU regional Chair and branch chairpersons of Moroto and Nakapiripirit were present at the sessions, extending their gratitude for bringing the valuable training to Karamoja.

The General Secretary of UNATU actively engaged with the participants, providing hands-on assistance with the practical aspects of the training. He emphasized the imperative for teachers to embrace the digital era, outlining the increasing requirement for online submissions such as EMIS and TMIS registration. He encouraged educators to harness the internet for accessing relevant teaching resources and expanding their knowledge base.

The training marked a significant milestone in empowering teachers in Karamoja, equipping them with the essential ICT skills to excel in today’s digital world.

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