Our Services to members

UNATU offers a wide range of services to its members


  1. Negotiations for salary enhancement, better conditions of service and other labour related rights.
  2. Representation on a number of National and International fora to protect teachers’ interests.
  3. Handling Individual Cases relating to one’s conditions of professional service at no cost.
  4. Cash contribution of UGX 300,000/= as condolence to the bereaved families of deceased members

The Teachers’ watch dog services

UNATU has always strongly and openly condemned and fought against policies, systems and practices that are oppressive to teachers through the media and other channels. UNATU is now recognized as the only authentic Teachers’ Voice.

Teacher professional services

  1. Processing of Gratuity payments at no extra cost.
  2. Teacher professional development through In-service training, membership education, Performance Management training, and scholarship opportunities.
  3. Gender and women empowerment through trainings and mentoring of female teachers.
  4. Leadership opportunities for teachers within the union and other affiliate organizations that boost one’s professional profile.

Teacher financial services

  1. Affordable financial services to teachers through the UNATU SACCO 24 UNATU ORGANISATION PROFILE
  2. Access to affordable interest friendly loans to Teachers’ SACCOs and savings groups through WALIMU SACCOs Union.

Teacher information services

  1. UNATU acts as a credible source of information for teachers concerning their profession. The Union circulates information to members as and when it is issued by the respective authorities e.g. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Service among others.
  2. Popularization of Government policies: UNATU ensures that members are update d with Government policies and directives that affect them directly. For example, the popularization of the MOES HIV/AIDS Workplace policy, revised Professional Code of Conduct, the National Teachers’ policy, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework, the National Teacher Incentive Framework, the Social dialogue framework among others.

Legal services

  1. Free Legal advice and assistance on professional matters.
  2. Processing personal claims related to salaries, pension, gratuity, and compensation in case of an accident while on official work.

Belonging and identity

  1. UNATU gives members free Identity Cards, which gives them a sense of belonging.
  2. All UNATU members are entitled to free corporate wear that is worn every Wednesday (UNATU Corporate wear day).