UNATU Southern Region Stakeholders Meeting Tackles Teacher Welfare and Information Gaps

On July 11th, 2024, the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) convened a pivotal stakeholders meeting in Masaka, aiming to address pressing issues in the education sector. The gathering included 32 participants, among them the Southern Regional Chairperson, the National Representative for Teachers with Disabilities, Branch Chairpersons, and Human Resource Officers (HROs) from various districts in the Southern Region.

David Muhanguzi, the Regional Coordinator, expressed his gratitude to the HROs and Branch Chairpersons for their relentless efforts, particularly those who successfully re-coded members. He lauded the region’s progress, citing a current membership rate of 66.2% despite existing gaps. UNATU’s Southern Regional Chair, Mathias Mukasa, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, commending the HROs for their invaluable support in disseminating crucial information.

General Secretary Baguma Filbert highlighted the critical issue of information gaps leading to the unlawful dismissal of teachers. “If we concentrate on a well-informed membership, then we shall have no issues,” Filbert asserted. He emphasized the need for timely information sharing to prevent unfair treatment of teachers and called for annual stakeholder meetings to continuously address these challenges. Filbert also acknowledged the mental stress faced by HROs due to their extensive responsibilities, reiterating UNATU’s role in advocating for teachers and presenting their concerns to the government.

The HROs expressed gratitude to UNATU for understanding their challenges and discussed key issues, including the need for higher-level lobbying, especially for early retirement and managing the high attrition rate. They pledged to assist with the coding of teachers and engage more with UNATU in recruitment activities and workshops to provide essential information on retirement, pensions, and the new Human Capital Management (HCM) system. Concerns about multiple borrowing from financial institutions and the exploitation of teachers by insurance companies were also raised. The meeting agreed that issue needs to be regulated by the Human Resource Officers. The HROs called for continuous learning opportunities for teachers and stressed the importance of timely wage payments, noting that June salaries in some districts had not been paid.

The meeting also discussed the National Teacher Policy, encouraging teachers to upgrade their skills, and addressed the shortage of teachers, underscoring the need to value educators. The stakeholder engagement in Masaka marked a significant step towards resolving these issues and ensuring the welfare and professional development of teachers in the Southern Region.

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Namuwonge Nadia
Namuwonge Nadia
9 days ago

i have got clear information on how to get a sick leave,en am going to spread the information to teachers of lwengo district.


[…] UNATU Southern Region Stakeholders Meeting Tackles Teacher Welfare and Information Gaps […]

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