The Quinquennial Delegates’ Conference (QDC) is the Supreme Governing body of the Union. It determines the broad basic policies and programs by resolutions and elects the leadership of the Union every 5 years. It is constituted by representation of the National Executive Council and branch/ district/ City/ Municipality chairpersons and delegates.

Key activities during this event include:


The Annual Delegates conference (ADC) meets every year and its function is to approve and monitor the implementation of the Annual programs and Budget on behalf of the Quinquennial Delegates conference.

National Executive Council (NEC)

The National Executive Council (NEC) is the executive authority of the Union. The entire management of the affairs and activities of the Union between National Delegates’ Conferences are vested in the NEC in conformity with the resolutions and decisions of the conference. An elected National Chairperson heads the NEC.

Regional Executive Council (REC)

The Regional Executive Council (RC) is a replica of the NEC at the regional level.

Branch Executive Committee (BEC)

UNATU also has a branch in every district/ Municipality/ City in Uganda that is run by the Branch Executive Committee (BEC). The BEC oversees the day-to-day activities of the branch and is responsible for coordinating branch activities with those at the Secretariat.

Sub-Branch Executive Committee

Members at the Sub county level in a district/Municipality/ City form themselves into a Sub-Branch Executive Committee majorly for purposes of electing the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) and coordinating branch activities within their sub-branch.

School/ Institution

Every school/ education institution has UNATU representatives (male and female) depending on the number of Union members. These are the first line ambassadors of the union and are charged with recruitment of members in their respective schools/institutions.