Empowering Educators in Uganda: UNATU’s Fifth Consecutive Victory in the Norm Goble World Teachers’ Day Award


World Teachers’ Day, celebrated on October 5th annually, is a day to recognize the incredible contributions of educators worldwide. This year, we are delighted to share that the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) has secured a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) Norm Goble World Teachers’ Day (WTD) Award for the fifth consecutive time. 

Before we delve into UNATU’s inspiring initiatives, let’s take a moment to understand the significance of the Norm Goble Award.

The Norm Goble Award: A Tribute to an Education Champion

Established in 2014, the Norm Goble Award is an annual accolade presented to foreign partners of the CTF/FCE in recognition of outstanding World Teachers’ Day initiatives. Named after the distinguished Dr. Norman Goble, this award pays tribute to his determined spirit in championing education and educators. Dr. Goble, a former CTF/FCE Secretary General and the General Secretary of the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession has left an enduring legacy in the world of education.

A Focus on the 2023 WTD Theme

One of the pivotal criteria for winning the Norm Goble Award is that the proposed plans should align with the CTF/FCE 2023 WTD theme: “Teachers: making sense of our world.” This theme emphasizes the profound impact teachers have in shaping our understanding of the world. 

This year’s Norm Goble Award recognized three teacher unions, including UNATU. The other two unions honored were The Gambia Teachers’ Union (GTU) and Le Syndicat national de enseignants du secondaire et du supérieur (SNESS – Burkina Faso).

In a testament to their dedication, each National Teacher Organization, including UNATU, will receive CAD 1,500 to bolster their World Teachers’ Day activities.

UNATU advocating for Teachers’ Well-being

UNATU stands as a beacon of hope for educators in Uganda. Our World Teachers’ Day celebrations are geared towards highlighting a fundamental, yet often overlooked, facet of teaching – the well-being of teachers themselves.

Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support

UNATU’s initiatives are anchored in our advocacy for increased access to mental health and psycho-social support for teachers. Teaching is a demanding profession, and the mental and emotional well-being of educators plays a pivotal role in the quality of education they provide. UNATU recognizes this and has taken proactive steps to address teachers’ mental health needs.

Media Campaign and Talk Shows

To create awareness and facilitate dialogues on teacher well-being, UNATU is set to launch a robust media campaign. They will utilize various platforms, including television and radio talk shows, to engage teachers, students, Ministry officials, community members, and stakeholders. This collective effort aims to destigmatize discussions around mental health and ensure that teachers receive the necessary support.

Appreciate My Teacher: A Week-Long Celebration

UNATU’s commitment extends beyond a single day of recognition. We have initiated a week-long “Appreciate My Teacher” event, that begun in 2021. This event serves as a unifying platform for various stakeholders to celebrate the essential role teachers play in shaping the lives of children and fostering positive change in their communities. By highlighting teachers’ contributions to nation-building, UNATU reinforces the significance of the week.


As we come together to celebrate World Teachers’ Day, it is with deep gratitude and admiration for the unwavering dedication and commitment of educators, not only here in Uganda but across the world. UNATU’s remarkable initiatives, crowned with their fifth consecutive win of the Norm Goble Award, emphasize the critical importance of prioritizing the well-being of our teachers. Through our advocacy for this fundamental aspect of the teaching profession, we not only honor our fellow educators but also pave the way for a brighter future for the students of Uganda. These achievements serve as a powerful testament to the profound impact that teachers have, shaping not only our lives but also the very course of the world.

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