Proudly UNATU: Committed, Connected and Accountable to the members

The theme for the new term of office (2021-2026) is Proudly UNATU: Committed, Connected and Accountable to the members.” 

P: Proudly UNATU 

C: Committed to the members’ cause 

C: Connected to the members 

A: Accountable to the members 

PCCA is the guiding principle for all our actions moving forward. 

At all times, we are proud of UNATU and work to promote and protect the image of the Union and its members at all costs. We are ready to raise UNATU’s flag high. Loyalty to the the membership is our top priority as a deliberate strategy to strengthen the union. We also encourage our membership to stand strong and fight for the Union. Together, we can fight and remain one of the strongest teachers’ force in this country, the region and beyond. 

Additionally, we are committed to the members’ cause. Our major activity is induction of all elected Union leaders on their roles and responsibilities in extending unwavering service to the members. In this term of office, the members’ cause will be at the centre of all our actions. 

Moving forward, we are putting in place strategies to ensure that we are connected to our members. 

We are working towards knowing who is a member, where they are, what challenges they are facing, how we can support them, and whether they are receiving services among others. we are exploring workable communication networks and channels to ensure that countrywide, our members are aware of what is happening in the Union up to the school level. In fact, our school representatives are ready to actively play their role because they are our closest contact with the members. 

Finally, the issue of accountability to the membership be emphasized because one of our core values is Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in all our dealings at all levels.

From the grassroots to the national level; from leaders to staff and members, it is PCCA. 

“Proudly UNATU: Committed, Connected and Accountable to the members’ cause.” 

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